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High quality food grade silica gel: the popsicle mold is made of high-quality food grade silica gel, non-toxic and tasteless, reusable, durable, easy to remove and clean, and the mold surface is soft and smooth.
Easy to use: because it is horizontal, you can decorate the popsicle with candy, nuts or fruit to make it more beautiful
Easy to clean: the mold is not sticky, and the food is easy to release and clean.
Multi purpose: it can be used not only for making popsicles and ice cream, but also for homemade cake popsicles, jelly, candy bars, breast milk, milk, delicious cakes and cake bars.
Great DIY gift: size for children, 3 and 4 hollow oval homemade cake popsicle molds with 50 wooden sticks. With this multi cavity silicone ice cream mold, you can make more snacks at a time and enjoy a happy time with your children and family.

Material: silica gel
Size: mold 21.1 * 12.5 * 2.1cm; Ice cream stick: 9.3 * 1cm / piece
Color: White
Quantity: 4Grid/set

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