Silicone Popsicles Molds Creative Popsicle Mould Tray


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The silicone popsicle molds, also known as a creative popsicle mold tray, offer a versatile and innovative way to make homemade popsicles. These molds are made from food-grade silicone, ensuring they are safe for use with food and easy to clean. The molds typically feature multiple individual compartments or cavities, allowing you to create several popsicles at once. The silicone material is flexible, making it easy to remove the frozen treats without any sticking or breaking. The creative popsicle mold tray offers a variety of unique shapes and designs, allowing you to create fun and eye-catching popsicles. From traditional popsicle shapes to fun and whimsical designs, these molds provide endless possibilities for creativity

Material: silicone
Size: 18.5*9.5cm
Color: Pink
Quantity: 3Grid/set

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